The Village Children's Center is a loving preschool where children learn through play and develop compassion for all.

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We are committed to growing compassionate hearts in our children. We model and inspire compassion through daily routines, weekly commitments, monthly outreach, and annual traditions.


We are a play-based environment that uses the interests of children to teach them skills and concepts. Play is the work of children, and we honor their work by providing ample opportunity to engage in play.


We encourage connection between adults and children, between adults caring for children, and between our center and our community. The Village is committed to creating a partnership with parents to help raise their children and to developing a supportive community.


Registration for 2019-20 is Now Open – We’re Saving a Seat for You!


Enroll Your Child for Next School Year 

Enrollment for the 2019-20 school year is just around the corner! If your child will be 2 by August 31, it is time to prepare a stepping-stone for your child’s academic future. Start now and remember forever!

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